Training program 2017

1st Workshop // 3D Projection & Video Mapping

Eye's Walk Digital Festival reveals the secrets of Video Installation Art


  • “Projection Mapping: Theory & Practice”
    4 & 5 March: 12-4pm & 10-2pm respectively


Spyros Koudounas [Vj s.bell]: 3D & Video Artist / DTMH


All the secrets of Projection Mapping are revealed; the ones the artist has learned on his own, through his collaboration with big companies in Greece and abroad and via participating in the greatest festivals. All tips and know how are unfolding in front the workshop participants [3d projection, animation, mega video, video Mapping].


«Live» Video Mapping on neoclassical buildings of Ermoupolis


Basic knowledge of editing/montage & 3d modeling/animation

Program Objectives

  • Convey practical knowledge and usage of new technologies in order for participants to easily apply what they learn in a variety of environments [internal and external]. The objective is to familiarize participants with implementations such as video mapping, 3D installation, and augmented reality. This will enhance their boldness and experimentation in fields that so far seemed “inaccessible” and only for "specialists".
  • Create a community of open experimentation and interaction, throughout the whole program, among participants and trainers. Instructors will guide and familiarize participants with practical issues on video mapping. They will share their "secrets", tips and knowhow acquired through their experience as artists and implementers.

This program will cover all major topics of video installation art applications, with emphasis on practical Knowledge.

Our intention is to promote the art of Video Installation to anyone interested. We welcome: Artists, Architects, Developers, Advertisers, Event Organizers, and anyone who is interested personally. Knowledge of video mapping has many-sided application on all sectors of sciences, art and technique.


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