Artists Participating

“Tripych: Heart Attack”
Florentia Ikonomidou / Greece

“It is a visual tale in which the element of water dominates, connects but also eliminates. I live in a Mediterranean country and have seen the refugees come in thousands, stacked in plastic boats. I felt that a kind of mutation happened not only to refugees but also to the landscape and to ourselves”.

“The Dream of a Greater Country”
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti / Thailand

“…the general displacement and movement of peoples worldwide today and the resulting issue of “locality vs. globality”, i.e.,the tension between rootedness in a concrete place vs. existence within the newly emerged global reality as the end state of globalization, in particular, the presence and role of diasporas..this is the theoretical background of my video art”.

Angelina Voskopoulou & Jessica Sartor d’Avigdor / Greece & Germany

“Ένα νανούρισμα από την Αθήνα στο Μόναχο. Ένας κρυφός πυρήνας που προτιμάει να μένει ανέπαφος και σιωπηλός. Ένας Χάρτης που μεταμορφώνει ένα αντικείμενο στο ακριβές του είδωλο. Ένας άδειος χώρος χωρίς αρχή η Τέλος.Χωρίς περιορισμούς. Μια φθίνουσα γραμμή που ρέει προς το εφήμερο, φαντάσματα ονείρων..."
Angelina Voskopoulou, Greece
Jessica Sartor d'Avigdor

Emmanuel Tussore / France

“Faced with the immensity of the sea, a human chain silently proceeds. Men and women walk relentlessly but quietly towards the horizon. Guided by their instinct, anonymous beings launch forth to a mysterious fate as if drawn by an irresistible song. Nothing breaks their momentum but an occasional misstep, a crash against the power of the elements or the rush of the waves. And one by one, these faceless bodies disappear in an ever going flow.”

Olga Guse / Russia

“February 1945 - the bombing of Dresden. The whole city was in ruins... “Only one angel remained on the dome of the Academy of Arts... From the most ancient times angels appear in the tales of different nations, good, evil or neutral entities...”

David Ian Bickley / Ireland

Through the complex fabric of Greek religion runs the thread of the sacredness of the tree to certain gods. Entering the DARKWOOD is a threshold symbol; the soul entering the perils of the unknown; the realm of death; the secrets of nature, or the spiritual world which man must penetrate to find meaning. It is this ancient image that Dante evokes at the beginning of The Divine Comedy when he says "In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself in a dark wood where the straight way was lost."

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