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Video Art at Eye's walk festival is intertwined with public space. Video and 3D Art creations are displayed and projected as masks on buildings, in absolute connection to existing architectural elements. Starter is always our will to illuminate a new route inside the city.  And there is always an inspiration, an idea that concerns us.  This years’ idea is the concept of House, Residence, Home. Video artists are thus inspired in absolute freedom and their stories are "told" onto ruined buildings, neoclassical, old ones that bear their own history. Therefore, Eye's Walk digital festival is not just another video art festival; it creates multiple realities within urban landscape, at night, among the vibrant city life where everything can happen.

Last year, when the festival firstly took place, Ermoupolis’ historical center actually closed off. This was not expected and we were not prepared.  More than six hundred people followed the route from building to building with an apparent mood for celebration and with enthusiasm.  It was a great party!  This year there is international participation, more stop points, we are bolder to interact with Syros’ people and we put more emphasis on presenting Video Art.

We all seek Home.  Undoubtedly.  And in the times we live, mostly, we lose our home, our stability and our incomparable personal space.  However, for our team, concept "Home" includes another dimension; Intimacy in public space. How much we pretend, or how much we can be our true selves out of the shell. How much of our truth we allow to be revealed out on the street. Photography project "Inside Out" serves this concept delicately and has formed the backbone of this year’s communication strategy  Scenes of our daily privacy photographed in public space with boldness, humor and surrealism.  In other words, magic! Everyone can watch this photographic project tollowing us on Facebook;

Ermoupolis has been and is still «home» for almost the entire Eye's Walk digital festival team.  It is also a city of absolute beauty and wild history. A small Paris with many crypts. So, here buildings have a lot to say and sometimes they "whisper".

There are cities that inspire us with their architecture andruins. Eleusina, for example, and others. This is not a festival of Light & Sound, yet it deals with buildings, streets and people. So yes, we have thought of other destinations, but for the moment we are continuing to "wake up" Ermoupolis’ unique architectural buildings and alleys.

This festival takes place, almost entirely in a vibrant public space. Next to the whole community of Syros and thanks to its participation.As an island it has the necessary light in order to "illuminate night". The sea creates curiosity and desire for continuous exploration,while shipsteach us to cooperate in small spaces! So far this island has offered us only positive elements.

Future plans of our team is to rest and right after get ready for next Eye's Walk Festival. Truly, already we prepare within ourselves, strengthening our will, asking the same questions again, smelling... Of course, our immediate plan is to "experience" with all our senses, along with Syros’ audience, the great evening of July 25. A bright night by Eye's Walk digital festival 2015!


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