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Project Lazaretta: Digital stories from the old and new world

Invitation to artists

Lazaretto of Syros, Lazaretto of Corfu
A call to the Stories of isolation and pandemic from the old and the new world

A piece of our soul is always in the space of our confinement because we explore the person with all his psychological, physical, social and emotional characteristics, who experiences it.

We make this call in order to keep our traces alive.
These traces that make the experience of each of us unique, that come from the centuries of our existence but also that lead to the hope of the good life we desire for ourselves and for humanity.

And Cicero says:
«Nothing is so royal, so high, so generous from offering help to beggars, to lifting those who have fell on the ground, to offering salvation and freeing people from danger»

«Nihil est tam regium, tam liberale, tamque munificum
Quam opem ferre supplicibus,
Excitare afflictos, dare salutem,
Liberare periculis homines»

Our current experience of the Pandemic is not something new..
It unites us with thousands of people who passed through the Lazaretta of the world and more specifically through the Lazaretta of Syros and Corfu, two of the most significant in Greece, that have worked as pesthouses, prisons, as places of execution, as asylum, as leprosy.

What are your spiritual traces, your DNA that you bequeath to our world's struggle against pain, fear and death, and that future historians will recognize and describe, speaking of today 's World Pandemic?

Companion to us:
Those who passed, stayed, survived, imprisoned, died in Lazaretta of the world and mainly to those in Syros and Corfu.

Karl –Bernhard Stark, archaeologist, 1824 - 1879
Lazaretto of Syros 1871 "Every look from the narrow veranda… made all this grief temporarily forgotten: the sea, the city, the mountain peaks beautifully colored morning and night, one island next to the other..."
Lazaretto of Syros 1871 "…instead of money little by little, there was a table, a chair and a bed."

Hermoupolis newspaper, 1871
"We hope that cholera will disappear and that free transportation abroad will happen again quickly. If it continues for a long time, the working class and commercial interests will suffer greatly."

Lazaretto of Corfu
"during World War II, Lazaretto of Corfu became a camp for the prisoners of the National Resistance… it is estimated that more than 118 prisoners were executed… most of whom were political prisoners, ie communists".

Your companion is also every modern man in this world, where as Albert Camus says:
"[He] knew that the plague bacillus does not die and will return after many years through the sheets, the papers,… to torture or even to teach people…"

Project Guidelines

The "Project Lazaretta: Digital Stories from the Old and the New World", is supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and will be completed in two parts:

Part Α
Creation of a new platform of digital culture with works of Digital & Video Art, Screen Dance, Video Performances, inspired by the two Lazaretta of Syros and Corfu and focusing on the modern historical moment of the Pandemic.

The digital projects that will be submitted can have a maximum duration of up to eight [8] minutes.

The selected digital projects will be a permanent collection of the digital platform "Project Lazaretta: Digital Stories from the old and the new world", which will be posted on the website www.eyeswalk.gr.

Each selected artist will receive a fee of 150 euros.

Part Β
Creating an audio document from selected thoughts, words, sentences, sounds of the people living in today's Pandemic and in isolation.

The audio document will lead to the creation of soundscape-storytelling in combination with digital production of Video Art Installation in the two Lazaretta.

Participating artists are invited to send us an audio in mp4 format with their voice answering the following questions:

  • What do you see?
  • What do you hear?
  • What do you feel?

Digital artists are encouraged to study the following websites in order to learn about the history of Lazaretto of Syros and Lazaretto of Corfu.

The Eye’s Walk Digital team will be in charge of the artistic curation. On the occasion of the digital platform "Project Lazaretta: Digital Stories from the old and the new world” can appear in other cities of Greece and abroad as an opportunity for the public to connect with the public space, the cultural heritage through art in the present.

Submission of digital works and sound recordings until January 15, 2021 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cover photo by Thomas Drikos

Lazaretta of Syros and Lazaretta of Corfu, two of the most important in the Mediterranean with the love, fear and death stories they hide, inspire contemporary digital artists.
The past is influenced by the modern global pandemic, and is transformed into the present through contemporary digital art and the experiences of the artists themselves.

"Project Lazareta: Digital Stories from the Old and the New World", is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sportswith the beneficiary CulturePolis and contractor of COINSEP Cinesthesia, founder of Eyes' Walk Digital Festival

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