“What an eye’s/nice experience” // 2014

Video Installation Art on Ermoupolis' neoclassical buildings

Four video Installations on four walls of old buildings in Ermoupolis astonish viewers and awaken the senses.

This idea of video installation art on old buildings in Ermoupolis is based on the principle that Art belongs to public space, where person and environment become "one".

“Eye’s Walk: What an eye’s/nice experience” combines the surprising and revolutionary art of 1960s with high education and technology of the 21st century.

An innovative project connecting Video art, painting, cinema, architecture and experiential design:

Four documentaries were presented at PALACE Cinema as part of “Cinesthesia Documentaries and Experience Festival” and inspired the creation of twelve works of art, in which Open Art Studios team and viewers participated. Their titles are: "Grandma's tattoos", "Bird on a wire", "Hippie-Hippie, Matala-Matala", "Cleaners" or "The true face of Golden Dawn".




Open Art Studios were invited to the viewing in order to create works of art by spontaneously relating to the movie while being inspired by viewers’ reactions.

Relying on principle "Synesthesia", we gave viewers an opportunity to experience cinematic art through all their senses: gastronomy, music, street art, table talk, performance.

These twelve artworks, composed by a variety of materials [paper, canvas, cloth, etc.], formed the “raw material” for 3D artists, who developed four video mappings by exploring how "art generates art".

Video installation art "Eye's Walk: What an eye's/nice experience" was presented on July 19, 2014 at the following locations of Ermoupolis’ historical center: Anna Koutsodonti Square, Aegean University, 1st Primary School Clock, Corner of Souris and Em. Roidis streets.

“Eyes walk” opening ceremony was choreographed live by Dimitris Sotiriou, founding member of Sinequanon, with improvisation on the music of Erik Satie “Gymnopedie”.




3D artists: Spyros "s.bell" Koudounas, Michalis Theodorakis, Tryfon Karatzinas.

Parallel events taking place in Public Space

Live concerts by bands “Ota Akouin” and “Life Tree- Reggae band”.
Leonard Cohen poems recited by Sotiris Kakatsis


Photos: Constantina Fj.


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