Video Installation Art


In Elefsina, the idea of Europass is a conversation about Europe Today, through time and beyond borders.

This conversation unites two Elefsinian worlds. The Upper World or else a world of action, movement, shifting to Europe Today and the Underworld or else world of the soul where the greatest fears and the most ominous dreams are hidden.




For the Upper World the anchored ships, now abandoned  in Elefsina’s lively and famous harbor, are carriers. They are messengers for a new life, Gods, riches, knowledge. They carry the Opposite and reverse it. They are means for the "Promised Land" of all.

They are ships of «bearing», moving and movement is the basis of the life cycle.

3D & video artists participate in the project with their works: "Blindness" by Spyros Koudounas, "Floating in space" by Aggelina Voskopoulou, "Light of thy countenance/continent" by Samuele Livornese, Italy, "Blue and Black" by David Hawkins, England, "Mare Internum" by Aliki Arnaouti.

Photos: Ioannis Stefanidis


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